Meet our designers

Banne exists to give the contract market better access to the brightest talents in sustainable design – and vice versa. Find out more about the minds behind our founding product families.

Lex Pott - designer Banne
The future of sustainable design isn’t some faraway abstract thing: it’s the everyday objects around you right now.

Lex Pott

Lex’s method is raw and intuitive. He doesn’t try to disguise his ideas behind cosmetic layers. Instead, he trusts in his materials - wood, stone and metal - to reduce things to their essence.

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Peter van de Water - designer Banne
I’m a pragmatist. Let’s just do what we can. And if we can do it better tomorrow, then let’s just do that too.

Peter van de Water

Winner of the 2019 Dutch Design Award, Peter’s work is founded on strong, single-minded ideas - giving his designs a recognizable, often iconic aesthetic.

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Bas Vellekoop - designer Banne
For me, the construction determines the design. Manufacturing locally isn’t just more sustainable - it’s more flexible.

Bas Vellekoop

Bas graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in The Hague in 2010, and set up his eponymous studio the same year. With an ever-growing number of designs in production, Bas’ work is gaining in reputation for its refreshing honesty.

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