Chord Carpet Banne
Chord Carpet Banne
Chord Carpet Banne
Chord Carpet Banne
  • Chord Carpet Banne
  • Chord Carpet Banne
  • Chord Carpet Banne
  • Chord Carpet Banne

Chord carpet

Roos Soetekouw

A circular premium wool carpet with an infinite geometrical composition of colours and lines.

Available in 2 colours and 2 sizes

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Machine tufted carpet with blind-blinded edge in matching colour

Quality marks

ZQ certified wool from New Zealand Merino sheep, circular polyester-based Niaga® adhesive, mulesing free 


100% New Zealand wool top layer with polyester anti-slip backing, connected with Niaga® adhesive for infinite use of both materials 


Europe/ Holland

Product information

With its name refering to its geometrical rhythm of colours, Chord is crafted from 100% New Zealand premium wool. Designed by textile designer Roos Soetekouw and fully produced in the Netherlands, the carpet is 100% circular. The low impact and hypo-allergenic materials are meant for infinite re-use.

The ZQ-certified wool from New Zealand’s Merino sheep is the best there is. Not just when it comes to the quality of the fibers, but also a better quality of life for the sheep and our planet. 
The 100% woollen top layer and polyester anti-slip backing are connected with polyester-based Niaga® adhesive. That way, at the end of the carpet’s lifecycle, both materials can be separated to re-use again and again. 

Soetekouw challenged herself to push the boundaries of the technique of machine tufting. The Chord carpet is the result of her thorough design research to balance the composition of lines, their structure, and the complementing rhythm in colours. Using a repetitive ‘chord’ of 8 loops with only five colours of wool.

Chord has a distinct and tactile woven texture for any hospitality setting, lobby, home or co-working area.
Chord Carpet Banne

Kind to the world

The ZQ-certification guarantees a healthy and mulesing-free life for the sheep, and the  highest wool quality.

Chord Carpet Banne

Designed to use forever

Chord is a circular product with a long lifespan. It is made of hypo-allergenic, premium materials you can use over and over again.

Chord Carpet Banne

Unique composition

Challenged by the boundaries of the technique, Roos combined a repetitive ‘chord’ of 8 threads with only five colours of wool, to create this balanced composition.

Chord Carpet Banne Geometrical rhythm of colours
Chord Carpet Banne Luxury and expressive tactility
Chord Carpet Banne A chord of carpets 

Meet the designer

Roos Soetekouw
Roos Soetekouw

Roos is a designer who’s works arises from personal journeys. Challenged by the boundaries of a technique, Soetekouw explores a wide variety of possibilities. This thorough research leads to new discoveries in shapes, colours, technique and materials.

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