Oval table - Banne
Oval table - Banne
Oval table - Banne
Oval table - Banne
  • Oval table - Banne
  • Oval table - Banne
  • Oval table - Banne
  • Oval table - Banne

Oval table

Peter van de Water

A flexible family of tables and desks supported by four big, oval-shaped ideas. 

Available in multiple shapes and sizes, table top in 8 colours

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Welded and powdercoated steel legs

Quality marks

Certified or not, we always pick the best materials for our products: non-toxic, long-lasting and high-quality. Responsibly harvested beech plywood for the table top.


Steel, multiplex, Forbo desktop


Europe / Belgium, Holland

Product information

This family of tables charms from the moment you first set eyes on one. The table top, with its responsibly harvested wood, refined edges and eco-friendly Forbo coating looks at home in any office, or indeed home. And there’s a huge variety of shapes, sizes, finishes and colours to choose from. 

But their true beauty may be revealed over a longer timescale. Tastes change. Table tops inevitably wear out from the daily assault their users place on them. That’s why the Oval’s legs are easily detachable – they can be attached to new wood, or worked into new forms. When one part fails, there is no need to replace the entire table. Thus, we can help work towards a lower lifetime material footprint. And your Oval table can evolve with you, as you live and work.

Oval table - shapes

Choice of shapes

Round, oval, square or rectangle. We have them all. And even in several sizes.

Oval table - edge

Natural beauty

Multiplex edge, natural -PU-lacquered 

Oval table - desktop

Furniture linoleum desktop

Because of the all natural anti-static surface, dust and dirt will not easily stick to it.

Oval table - Banne Desk or table, home or office. Who can tell?
Oval table - Banne The slim legs leave plenty of room for multiple chairs
Oval table - Banne The Forbo desktop is soft to the touch and offers a good grip


Oval table measurements

Meet the designer

Peter van de Water - designer Banne
Peter van de Water

Winner of the 2019 Dutch Design Award, Peter’s work is founded on strong, single-minded ideas - giving his designs a recognizable, often iconic aesthetic.

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