Slice lounge chair - Banne
Slice lounge chair - Banne
Slice lounge chair - Banne
Slice lounge chair - Banne
  • Slice lounge chair - Banne
  • Slice lounge chair - Banne
  • Slice lounge chair - Banne
  • Slice lounge chair - Banne

Slice lounge chair

Lex Pott

The chair configuration of the sofa that’s inspired by a tennis ball, hand-made in Holland

Available in multiple sizes and fabrics, with an endless colour choice

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Quality marks

Certified or not, we always pick the best materials for our products: non-toxic, long-lasting and high-quality


Solid beech, multiplex and MDF for the frame; nosag springs, HR-polyether foam, fabric of your choice


Europe / Holland

Product information

Inspired by the interlocking sections of a tennis ball, Slice is sculpted from high-quality materials to your specifications in size, fabric and colour.

 Its timeless design is both modest and outspoken, contemporary yet timeless. Its concealed feet give it the impression it’s ready to take off at any moment – adding a bounce to any space. Hand-made in Holland, it’s a chance to co-create a design piece that will last a lifetime. 

Slice lounge chair - playful space


Pair your chair (or chairs) with the sofa to create a playful yet purposeful space. 

Slice lounge chair - craftsmanship


Upholstered with love and attention for detail, a treat for your eyes as well as your behind.

Slice lounge chair - top view

Seats don’t get any hotter

Slice looks great every angle, and rewards rooms that give it more space

Slice lounge chair - Banne A gallery piece in the making. Just add space. 
Slice lounge chair - Banne Hand-made in Holland to your specifications 
Slice lounge chair - Banne Banne's founder not included


Slice lounge chair measurements

Meet the designer

Lex Pott - designer Banne
Lex Pott

Lex’s method is raw and intuitive. He doesn’t try to disguise his ideas behind cosmetic layers. Instead, he trusts in his materials - wood, stone and metal - to reduce things to their essence.

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